Canby is located on 99E, 21 miles south of Portland;
35 miles north of Salem; 9 miles south of Oregon City (County Seat). Directions

Hours: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
City Hall: 182 N. Holly Street
PO Box 930, Canby Oregon 97013 
Administration: 503-266-4021

Public Works
After Regular Business Hours & Holidays: EMERGENCY ONLY


News & Events

        Notice of Urban Renewal Budget Meeting
  Library/Civic Building     May 12th - 7:00 p.m. More Information
View updates and pictures of the project!      
  Donate Towards the Project     Canby Area Parks & Recreation Survey
  Updated Library & Plaza Donation Form
    We need your help! The City of Canby and our outlying areas are growing rapidly. A significant number of community residents have expressed concerns about preserving our community’s quality of life, which includes parks and recreational opportunities. We are surveying Canby residents to find out how parks and recreation are meeting your needs.
$10,000 Raised to date! - Goal is $20,000    
  Request For Proposals     Request for Proposals
  Historic Walking Trail Design Services     Reconnaissance Level Survey
  Meeting Videos Videos Meeting Videos    
  N Redwood Development Concept Plan   City Council Meeting Videos
  (click on image for large map)   Urban Renewal Agency Meeting Videos
  Planning Commisssion Meeting Videos
Fees   Master Fee Schedule (Effective 3-1-16)     Construction Information
  Sewer/Stormwater Rate Increase:     May 2nd: Knight's Bridge Road Detour - More
  Effective 7/1/15      
        May 4th: 4-Way Stop Installation at NE 10th Avenue and N Ivy Street - More
    More News & Events     Questions: 503-266-0798 - Email

Business Resources

See Videos of: Doing Business in Canby, Pioneer Industrial Park, Downtown, and Living in Canby

Newsletter with information on new companies coming to Canby, business expansions, major commercial, residential or other developments planned and more...
2015 Business License Packet Canby Licensed Businesses - Canby Addresses
Canby Licensed Businesses - All CanbyBusiness.Com (Canby Ec Development Website)
Explore Canby Mobile App: (Free for Apple & Android Smartphone and Mobile Devices). Search for Canby businesses by name, category or nearby location, find and post jobs, identify vacant property, locate visitor attractions; link to local news, city services, organizations and more.

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