Urban Renewal District

2015 Canby URD Financial Report (10.4MB)
2014 Canby URD Financial Report (10.4MB)
2013 Canby URD Financial Report (1.18MB)
2012 Canby URD Financial Report (765KB)
2011 Canby URD Financial Report (239KB)
Click here for Oregon Revised Statutes 457
on Urban Renewal

URD Goals and Objectives

Goal One:
To diversify economic base and family wage
jobs within the district.

Goal Two:
To maintain effective, efficient and safe traffic system
for vehicular and pedestrian users.

Goal Three:
To improve and retain existing businesses

Goal Four:
To improve attractive visual amenities for customers and community members throughout the district

For Additional Information see the
Canby Urban Renewal Area Plan

Last update: August 23, 2016

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